BreatheEasy Labs



The primary objective of BreatheEasy Labs on social media is to position the organization as a leading provider of innovative respiratory health products. The aim was to increase awareness about BreatheEasy Labs' products, engage with potential customers, and ultimately drive sales and adoption of their solutions.


BreatheEasy Labs faces the challenge of standing out in a competitive social media landscape, where numerous brands offer respiratory health products. The task at hand is to effectively capture the attention of the target audience amidst the abundance of content.


ICU supported BreatheEasy Labs in their mission to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Through engaging content, effective social media strategies, and a user-friendly website. ICU played a crucial role in managing their social media and website presence, enabling BreatheEasy to make a significant impact.

Motion Graphics

Website Revamp

ICU was tasked to re-design a fresh, new edge website for BreatheEasy to enhance the product capabilities/features.

Customer Testimonials - Air by Ahuja Residency

This boutique hotel, designed around the theme “AIR” proudly displays a live air quality at the entrance, showing how low the AQI is within the building. The air of the entire multi-story hotel has been made pollution free by Breathe Easy.


Customer Testimonials - BoulderBox

BoulderBox, the favored indoor gym and climbing center in Delhi NCR, has raised the bar for indoor sports facilities by integrating Breathe Easy's concealed system, providing athletes with fresh, purified, and cooled air, setting a new industry standard.


Customer Testimonials - Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix, a highly specialized hair transplant clinic, not only has purified air, thanks to Breathe Easy air purification system, but boasts of an atmosphere free from air-borne virus and infections. The doctors and patients testify to the fresh air environment, crucial to healing the body and mind.


Social Media Management

Intensive Communication Unit (ICU) has dedicatedly worked on the social media promotion of BreatheEasyLabs, showcasing the brand and its products through compelling content and strategic campaigns, driving awareness and engagement to elevate the brand's presence in the market.

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