Hoegaarden Beer it in Style


Intensive Communication Unit partnered with a chef and a bartender to create a contemporary video for Hoegaarden, tailored to the brand's promotional needs. The video aimed to showcase the versatility of Hoegaarden as a light and refreshing drink suitable for any time of the day.


The challenge was to creatively highlight Hoegaarden's unique qualities and showcase its potential as a complementary ingredient in culinary experiences.


The team successfully produced a contemporary video for Hoegaarden, featuring a chef and a bartender. The web series showcased a delightful combination of simple yet tantalizing recipes, complemented by the presence of Hoegaarden. The video created an engaging and satisfying culinary experience, enticing viewers to explore the various ways to enjoy Hoegaarden while strengthening the brand's promotional efforts.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity


Hoegaarden is a Belgian beer brand known for its distinctive and refreshing witbier style. It was originally brewed in the village of Hoegaarden, Belgium, and has gained popularity worldwide.

Social Media Promotion

Intensive Communication Unit masterfully managed Hoegaarden's social media presence, creating engaging content, and fostering a vibrant community of beer enthusiasts.