PGEL, a top 5 OEM in India, needed a factory walkthrough video for their locations in Roorkee, Greater Noida, and Pune. Additionally, PG group required a website revamp to showcase their operations and verticals.


Creating an impactful factory walkthrough video across three locations while highlighting PGEL's capabilities. Designing a clean and comprehensive website to represent PG group's scale and scope.


The team produced an impressive factory walkthrough video, showcasing PGEL's infrastructure and expertise. The website revamp successfully portrayed PG group's operations and verticals, improving their brand image and client engagement.

Bringing PG Group’s Extent to the Web

PG group, one of India’s leading Electronic and OEM manufacturers needed a website revamp commensurate with their scale of operations and spread. We planned a clean and bright site which amply details their works, wideness as well as various verticals.

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