Allianz Worldwide Partners India, the Indian arm of the world's largest assistance company, partnered with us to enhance their social media presence. Our focus was on targeting travel and assistance enthusiasts, particularly promoting Allianz Roadside Assistance.


The challenge was to effectively engage the target audience through compelling creatives and highlight the benefits of Allianz Roadside Assistance. Additionally, we aimed to maximize exposure by collaborating with Uber Cabs in Gurgaon, featuring RSA contact information and attention-grabbing creatives.


Within just three months, Allianz Worldwide Partners India experienced a significant 98% increase in Facebook followers.. Through the collaboration with Uber Cabs in Delhi-NCR, RSA contact information was prominently displayed, accompanied by attention-grabbing creatives. Furthermore, the development of a dedicated landing page facilitated online discovery and promotions, further bolstering the campaign's success.